TrustWrx is a drop-in security and privacy solution for SaaS or enterprise management of IoT devices and cloud communications - making the IoT infrastructure end-to-end private and safe from most known cyberthreats and malware.

Designed specifically for IoT, and far more comprehensive than TLS or home-grown security layers, TrustWrx is a cost effective, easily adopted and code-free security answer for OEMs and providers of IoT products and services across diverse IOT markets.

TrustWrx  goes well beyond just another defensive security layer. Our technology takes a fresh, strategic and proactive approach to create a structured environment of trustworthy communications.

By the virtue of its advanced architecture TrustWrx delivers an end-to-end privacy envelope - locking out the vast majority of threats that are invasive or potentially damaging.

TrustWrx has been proven in the real world, tested by third-party labs and is backed by two US patents. +1. 831.601.1776

The TrustWrx web site will be expanding as we prepare to launch.
Watch this site for updates and news about product releases, OEM programs and corporate partnerships.


The Mission of TrustWrx is total messaging privacy for IoT.

Designed to protect against all forms of prying eyes, TrustWrx is strategically focused on safe and secure IoT communications.




The best security is achieved through total privacy.

If fraudsters cannot glean any usable information from IoT messages, they are powerless to attack devices and servers.


You can only manage what
you can measure.

TrustWrx policy-driven transaction management and accountability gives complete insights into all system messages and activity.